Coty Soft Water                           
         1-800-428-3447 or (989) 585-3734
About us

  Coty Soft Water was established in 1991 in Saint Charles, MI by Ed Coty.  His son Jeff soon joined the team in 1993.  Ed and family moved to the St. Charles area in 1978 from Saginaw.  He is active in the V.F.W and the American Legion and is an I.B.E.W. union member.  Ed and Jeff are also members of the Saint Charles chamber of commerce.

  Coty Soft Water are dedicated professionals whose main goal is to insure the best quality of water in your home, at a fair price, with your complete satisfaction.  Guaranteed.

  They are fully insured, and are known
for their prompt and efficient service 24/7.

           Give them a call today.                           (989) 585-3734 or                                 1-800-428-3447.        

                 Or stop out:  
              15637 Ithaca Rd.
        Between Hemlock Rd. and
                Raucholz Rd. 

    Look for our sign at the road.

  Our softeners come with a 10 year warranty and are made right here in the U.S.A.  
Due to the fact that our softeners do not have  metal parts in the water flow, means they are corrosion resistant, and will last for years to come.  We are currently servicing a few of these units that are 25+ years old. 


  If you buy bottled water, we have Reverse Osmosis systems that gives you the same quality of water, right from the tap.  Reverse osmosis is the process that bottled water is made.  Save yourself the strain of hauling those heavy bottles.  A Reverse Osmosis system can fit under most kitchen sinks, and the stainless steel faucet can be installed on the sink top where it is easy to reach.

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