Coty Soft Water                           
         1-800-428-3447 or (989) 585-3734
Cotys Soft Water      (989) 585-3734                 

Coty Soft Water has been a family owned business servicing the Mid Michigan area since 1991.  We specialize in Water Purification Equipment for all water types.  We carry Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis systems, Iron Filters, Hydrogen Sulfide removers and all brands of cartridge filters.  We also carry swimming pool chemicals, parts and accessories.  Please visit us at:

                    15637 Ithaca Rd.
              St. Charles, MI.  48655
   Between Hemlock Rd. and Raucholz Rd.
                Hope to see you soon.

    We deliver softener salt.

     Click on the Services tab above to        veiw other services and products we provide 


    Look for our sign at the road.
    Systems for every application 

      Hard water, Rusty water, Smelly water 
                       and Salty water.


Cotys Water Softeners are available in single and tandem mineral tank units, or an all in one model for homes with restricted space.

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